Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Christmas is past...

Hey! I really hope everyone else had as good a Christmas as I did!

Whether you celebrate it religiously or not, the holidays are such a good opportunity to get away from the university bubble, reconnect with friends from home and relax with family (and of course to get some home cooked meals!). Life at uni can be draining, and even just a week off to relax can do wonders in helping you look forward to the new term.

Looking back at first semester:

Some things about uni are exactly what I thought they'd be, and others not so much.

Sitting my exams, I realised that maybe I hadn't studied quite as well as I thought I had. I thought I'd get used to the unstructured environment pretty quickly, but I never actually settled into a routine of doing work at home, so probably ended up doing way less than the recommended number of hours of work.
Joining societies was pretty easy in Freshers Week, but actually sticking to them proved a bit more difficult! I stuck to Amnesty International for a good few weeks, and Snowsports, but AI wasn't really for me.
Being able to go out any night of the week is great, and the number of different places to go is insane compared to the two clubs back home, but I don't remember the last time I made a 9am!
I used to cook a lot at home, but at uni I barely cook at all cause toast is just so convenient... healthy I know.

Looking forward to next semester: 

Ever seen the film Yes Man? Maybe too extreme, but I'm going to take a leaf out of Jim Carrey's book, and start saying yes more often!

Joining a couple more societies, maybe getting involved with a sport, even going to the gym (ugh), I'm just gonna start saying yes more!

Top tips to you all:
Smile more- it's infectious
Complain less
Get more sleep! (Almost everyone could use more sleep, trust me on this one.)

Keep reading lovelies, I'll be back in the New Year!! 

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